Friday, February 24, 2012

Shae & Brett's Wedding

Sometimes a few small details have a big impact. Shea's wedding was full of thoughtful details. Throughout Shea and Brett's courtship, Brett often gifted Shea single red roses on special occasions. Shea incorporated this romantic element in her bridal bouquet which was an extravagant mound of deep red roses.
One of the most touching elements was they way the bride and groom honored their family pet with a regal, red carnation collar.

Shea and Brett had their ceremony at One World Theater, known for its panoramic views. Amazingly, Shae's vision created an even grander view. The classic archway complemented the landscape in the background.  The centerpiece of the arch was draped with an elegant swag of snapdragons, delphinium, lilies and roses.

Many thanks to Whitney Lee for these fantastic pictures.

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